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Iceberg Data Lab provides environmental data solutions to financial institutions. Increasingly, stakeholders are demanding greater accountability from financial institutions about the impact of their portfolios on the environment.

There is growing awareness among society at large of the vital importance of curbing climate change, preserving ecosystem services and assessing the overall contribution of corporates and institutions to sustainable development.

Iceberg Data Lab develops metrics and tools to help financial institutions report and manage their environmental impact.

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Our Offering

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Biodiversity Solutions

Iceberg Data Lab developed tools to measure and manage financial institutions’ impacts, dependencies, risks, and opportunities associated with biodiversity.


Climate Solutions

Iceberg Data Lab developed a range of climate solutions measuring the carbon footprint, the physical and transition risks and to what extent companies are aligned to the Paris agreement.

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Regulatory Solutions

Our solutions also enable financial institutions to comply with existing and upcoming regional and national environmental regulations as well as with leading industry standards and frameworks such as the TCFD and TNFD.

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AI for Sustainable Finance

Our generative AI-powered ESG assistant - called Barbatus - helps financial institutions across all dimensions of the ESG integration process including data collection, ESG research and benchmarking and regulatory reporting.

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