Biodiversity Solutions

Corporate Biodiversity Footprint (CBF)

Iceberg Data Lab’s Corporate Biodiversity Footprint (CBF) is an essential metric that measures the extent of a company’s impact on biodiversity. CBF is measured in both absolute – km2.MSA – and relative terms – km2.MSA/Financial or km2.MSA/physical KPI.

Enables precise biodiversity impact assessments thanks to a science-driven methodology that builds on the IPBES’ environmental pressures on biodiversity breakdown

Supports informed decision-making through unparalleled data granularity and technical biodiversity expertise

Allows for a full value chain analysis by incorporating data across scope 3 upstream and downstream on top of operational data

Dependency Score

The Dependency Score quantifies a company’s reliance on ecosystem services broken down in 3 categories: provisioning, regulating and cultural services. Acknowledging how exposed companies are to ecosystem services on top of the impacts companies have on biodiversity refers to the double materiality – a concept which is crucial to get the full picture on biodiversity.

Includes 26 different ecosystem services across 3 categories: provisioning services, regulating services and cultural services

Permits to understand which sectors and industries are most reliant on ecosystem services.

Enable double materiality assessments when assessed in relation with the Corporate Biodiversity footprint (CBF)

Biodiversity Positive Contribution

Iceberg Data Lab’s Biodiversity Positive Contribution product assesses how companies reduce and avoid negative impacts on biodiversity but also how companies actively contribute to restoring biodiversity. The Biodiversity Positive Contribution empowers financial institutions willing to go the extra mile by leveraging the growing opportunities biodiversity presents.

Builds on a cutting edge methodology developed by a team biodiversity experts

Permits a detailed and structured analysis on how companies proactively positively impact biodiversity.

Aligns with regulatory requirements and industry standards as well as with international commitments including COP 15’s Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF).

Biodiversity Avoided Impact Score

Iceberg Data Lab’s Biodiversity Avoided Impact score measures the gap between the company’s biodiversity impact and a market reference benchmark. With a score ranging from 0 to 1, it distinguishes the degree to which companies contribute to the transition within their sector or value chain.

Allows for quick identification of industry leaders through benchmarking.

Facilitates the establishment of screening criteria/rules for index creation.

Enables cross-size and cross-sector comparisons between companies.

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