Iceberg Data Lab uses its environmental knowledge and expertise to develop reliable, accurate and granular data solutions for financial institutions, helping them to contribute to a more sustainable society.

Our solutions leverage our science-driven model as well as company-level reported data to identify and assess environmental impacts, dependencies, risks and opportunities at both corporate and government levels.


Biodiversity Solutions

Biodiversity loss is increasingly recognized by stakeholders as a global crisis in its own right.

Iceberg Data Lab is at the forefront of developing and applying tools to measure and manage financial institutions’ impacts, dependencies, risks, and opportunities associated with biodiversity
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Climate Solutions

The Intergovernmental Platform on Climate Change (IPCC) clearly states that human activities have unequivocally caused our climate to change.

To help financial institutions contribute to a low-carbon economy, Iceberg Data Lab developed a range of climate solutions measuring the carbon footprint, the physical and transition risks and to what extent companies are aligned to the Paris agreement.

Regulation Solutions

Environmental regulations are increasing in every region of the world. Iceberg Data Lab’s solutions have been developed in line with international developments such as the Paris Agreement or more recently the Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF) agreed on at COP15.
Our solutions also enable financial institutions to comply with existing and upcoming regional and national environmental regulations as well as with leading industry standards and frameworks such as the TCFD and TNFD
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AI for Sustainable Finance

Data analysis and regulatory requirements associated with ESG data are increasing for all financial institutions.

Our generative AI-powered ESG assistant – called Barbatus – helps financial institutions across all dimensions of the ESG integration process including data collection, ESG research and benchmarking and regulatory reporting.

Thanks to its extensive ESG knowledge, Barbatus generates real-time and fully sourced answers to any ESG-related questions financial institutions might have.

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