What we do

Iceberg Data Lab provides environmental data solutions to financial institutions. Increasingly, stakeholders are demanding greater accountability from financial institutions about the impact of their portfolios on the environment.

There is growing awareness among society at large of the vital importance of curbing climate change, preserving ecosystem services and assessing the overall contribution of corporates and institutions to sustainable development.

Iceberg Data Lab develops metrics and tools to help financial institutions report and manage their environmental impact.

Our journey


Delivering smart environmental data solutions
to financial institutions since 2019.

September, 2019

Creation of Iceberg Data Lab

December, 2019

Launch of the Corporate Biodiversity Footprint (CBF), enabling the calculation of the biodiversity footprint for issuers and financial portfolios

June, 2020

Start of a strategic partnership between Iceberg Data Lab and I Care & Consult, solidifying Iceberg Data Lab's acquisition of the "Data for Investors" activities of I Care & Consult. This partnership allowed Iceberg Data Lab to expand its data offerings with climate solutions, the Green Share, and the NEC (Net Environmental Contribution).

August, 2020

HSBC launches the first ETF utilizing Iceberg Data Lab’s biodiversity data in partnership with Euronext.

September, 2020

Iceberg Data Lab, in partnership with I Care & Consult, wins a bid for the provision of biodiversity data to Mirova, Axa IM, BNPP AM, and Sycomore AM.

December, 2020

Ossiam launches the first fund using our biodiversity data

September, 2021

Closing of an inaugural €5Mn fundraising round with a consortium of four strategic investors, enabling the acceleration of the development of a European champion in smart ESG data.

October, 2021

Opening of Iceberg Data Lab's office in Frankfurt

September, 2022

Opening of a subsidiary in London

October, 2022

Launch of the offering to measure the positive contribution of companies (avoided impact & avoided emissions)

November, 2023

Launch of the coverage of sovereign issuers

Our team

The Iceberg Data Lab team brings together professionals from various backgrounds and nationalities who all share a common passion: helping to create a better understanding of the impact of financing.

We are organized in two main teams: the Research team and the IT team, which work closely together to enrich our ESG data solutions.

We are hiring and are looking for various profiles and seniority levels; to apply, please send a resume to contact@icebergdatalab.com. Our team is based in the Paris area, France.


matthieu maurin iceberg data lab.jpg

Matthieu Maurin


Matthieu, CEO of Iceberg Data Lab, has 20 years of experience in banking, sustainable finance and innovation.

Matthieu started his professional career in the energy industry, at Electricité de France, first in national dispatching and then as a pricing engineer. He then joined BNP Paribas, where he worked for more than 10 years in various positions, including as Project Manager of the Corporate and Institutional Banking ESG Screening and as a Director within the Sustainable Finance Team on Green Loan structuration and origination. Matthieu then became CEO of Carbon4 Finance and accelerated the development of that French climate data provider. He is the CEO and co-Founder of Iceberg Data Lab


Pierre-Olivier Haye


Pierre-Olivier, CTO of Iceberg Data Lab, has 10+ years of experience in digital start-ups.

Pierre-Olivier started his career as Tech Lead at Mediastream, managing real-time video streaming. He then became CTO of Gault & Millau and updated their DB (structure, process, team). Pierre-Olivier then moved on to become CTO of En Voiture Simone, where he handled the company’s digital assets (dev team, event database, real-time processing).

Get in touch

Want to know more? Fill out the form or reach us directly via email at contact@icebergdatalab.com.

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