Fulcrum Asset Management draws on Iceberg Data Lab’s temperature alignment solution for new Climate Change Fund

climate idl

Iceberg Data Lab is proud to provide Fulcrum Asset Management with the temperature alignment data implemented in the Fulcrum Climate Change Fund launched in August 2020, one of the first active global equity funds committed to maintaining a portfolio temperature alignment below 2 degrees as per the Paris Agreement target.

The transparent methodology developed by IDL relies on the SBT initiative’s Sectoral Decarbonisation Approach (SDA).

The appraisal factors in scope 3 impacts and assesses the company’s alignment to a low-carbon trajectory, aiming to converge with their sectoral reference trajectory by 2050. The assessment provides a forward-looking view, taking into consideration the company’s stated decarbonisation objectives, either internal or certified by SBT or ACT.

You can learn more about Fulcrum’s Climate Change Fund and how we are helping to make it a reality here