Navigating the EU Taxonomy: A Look at the Green Share Metrics


Iceberg Data Lab takes pride in being a key contributor to the discourse on sustainable finance within the European Union. At the forefront of this regulatory landscape is the EU Taxonomy, a classification system aimed at delineating economically sustainable activities with a focus on environmental considerations. This framework serves as a valuable resource for companies, investors, and policymakers by offering precise definitions of what qualifies as environmentally sustainable economic activities. This system is expected to create security for investors, protect private investors from greenwashing, help companies become more climate-friendly, mitigate market fragmentation, and help shift investments where they are most needed.

One of the key metrics that has emerged within this regulatory framework is the Green Share. Functioning as a key performance indicator (KPI), the Green Share measures the proportion of a company’s activities that align with the EU Taxonomy. This metric encompasses various facets, including a company’s operations, capital expenditure (CapEx), and operational expenditure (OpEx) that adhere to the criteria for environmentally sustainable activities outlined in the EU Taxonomy.

Iceberg Data Lab has played a crucial role in providing insightful Green Share data points. Our data not only showcase a company’s overall Green Share but also provide a detailed breakdown, including Enabling, Transitional, Eligibility, and Technical components. Additionally, Iceberg Data Lab goes beyond conventional metrics by incorporating Gas and Nuclear considerations into the Green Share, offering a more nuanced perspective on a company’s environmental sustainability performance.

Looking ahead, Iceberg Data Lab is committed to enhancing its offerings by progressively including all six environmental objectives in its data coverage by the next year. This forward-looking approach demonstrates our dedication to staying at the forefront of evolving environmental standards and regulations.

In summary, the EU Taxonomy and the Green Share metric are indispensable tools in steering towards a more sustainable economy. Iceberg Data Lab, with its comprehensive coverage, commitment to ongoing improvements, and strategic foresight, stands ready to provide the essential data and insights required to navigate this dynamic and evolving landscape.