Temperature alignment methodology: SB2A Main Service

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Our next webinar will present our updated temperature alignment methodology: SB2A Main Service. On this occasion, members of our research and sales team will present the updated methodology and its reults evolution . We will also guide you through practical examples of how companies’ temperature alignments are developped and how these results have evolved as a result of this update.

The webinar will last an hour, including a 15-minute Q&A. We will hold two sessions of this webinar:
– One in English: Tuesday, March 16th at 3 pm (CET).
– One in French: Tuesday, March 16th at 9 am (CET)

You can register to those webinars here:
– English session: https://events.teams.microsoft.com/event/0acdf497-8948-4ad7-a457-9fd6e801c5df@8301d324-9b29-4761-b10a-defe470fb6ae
– French Session: https://events.teams.microsoft.com/event/344e6b06-6a5e-4eaa-87d2-7e19d681a260@8301d324-9b29-4761-b10a-defe470fb6ae

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